Vattenfall is looking for an alternative heat source in Diemen after the Council of State ruling 2:54 PM in Regional news The development of a biomass power plant has been temporarily halted after the Council of State annulled a permit for it.

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Vattenfall’s power station in Diemen

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Energy company Vattenfall is looking for another sustainable heat source near Diemen after the Council of State (CoS) previously annulled a permit for a biomass power plant.

The province of North Holland had granted Vattenfall a permit for the construction of the biomass power plant in 2019. The intention was that a maximum of 212 kilotons of wood pellets would be burned there annually. The energy released would then be used to provide households in Amsterdam, Diemen and Almere with heat.

Although the plan was met with much criticism, the province granted a permit without conducting any research into the possible environmental effects. Research was not necessary because wood pellets are not waste according to the province. The Council of State ruled at the end of August that research into the environmental effects is still necessary.


Vattenfall states that the development of the biomass power plant is being delayed due to the ruling of the Council of State. That is why the energy company now wants to first look at alternatives, in consultation with the province, the municipalities of Amsterdam, Diemen and Almere and outgoing Minister Jetten, Omroep Flevoland reports.

According to Vattenfall, the application of geothermal heat and the use of residual heat from hydrogen production and data centers are being considered. Another option is sustainable heating and cooling with water. In addition, the conversion of gas power stations to hydrogen power stations is being considered.

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