Vasseur with confidence towards Las Vegas: ‘That can be an advantage’

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Vasseur with confidence towards Las Vegas: 'That can be an advantage'

Frédéric Vasseur is looking forward to the Grand Prix of Las Vegas with great confidence. Ferrari has prepared well for the predicted cold during the race weekend in the gambling city and the team boss of the Italian racing team believes that Ferrari will do well on the streets of Las Vegas. If everything falls into place, a good result is absolutely possible according to the Frenchman.

This weekend, a Formula 1 race will be held in Las Vegas for the first time since 1982. Prior to the event, several drivers and teams have already expressed their concerns about the predicted low temperatures. It will be a huge task for the drivers to warm up the tires and then keep them in the correct operating window.

According to Vasseur, Ferrari has prepared well for the cold conditions in the gambling city and the Frenchman thinks that the Italian team can perform well this weekend. “The work we have done in the factory, during meetings and in the simulator, will ensure that our drivers can get the best out of themselves,” Vasseur said in a Ferrari press release. ‘In fact, the simulation work helps enormously in managing the many unknown factors and that can provide an advantage over the competition.’

In addition, according to Vasseur, Ferrari also has two drivers who know how to handle street circuits. ‘Charles (Leclerc, ed.) is always very fast on these types of circuits where the walls are close and Carlos (Sainz, ed.) showed in Singapore that he is no less adept in this area. We are confident that we have a good pace and if we give the drivers what they need, a good result is within reach,” said the team boss of the Italian team.

Special livery in Las Vegas

The Formula 1 circus will travel to the United States this week for the third time in 2023. The premier class of motorsport has gained considerable popularity among the American public in recent years. Ferrari can also count on a lot of support from the people, so the team wanted to do something special in Las Vegas. “With three races taking place this season, it is clear that this is a new golden era for Formula 1 in America. The United States has always been special for Ferrari. We have always received a lot of support here and that is why we have come up with a unique livery for this race,” Vasseur concludes.

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