Vasseur refuses a battle like the one between Horner and Wolff: ‘Will never play that kind of game’

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Vasseur refuses a battle like the one between Horner and Wolff: 'Will never play that kind of game'

Frédéric Vasseur, as team principal of Ferrari, is also in charge when it comes to supplying engines to customer teams. This means that he will have to deal with team bosses in a different way than before. Despite the fact that the Frenchman also has good contact with a number of team bosses in his private life, he does not find it difficult to continue to see them as competitors during his work. However, he does not see a battle like Christian Horner and Toto Wolff happening with himself.

Vasseur does not hide in conversation with that he maintains a good relationship with Guenther Steiner. The Italian team boss of Haas quickly joked to the new Ferrari top man after he was appointed. “Guenther started saying, ‘Okay, now I’m your customer.’ I said it would be my pleasure to send him an invoice. No, but as you know I have a friendly relationship with some of them and we used to joke about it.”

The Frenchman acknowledges that the team bosses all ultimately defend the interests of their own teams and there is certainly competition, but also emphasizes that there must be regular cooperation between the different teams. “In general, we have a lot of respect for each other and we have to work together. We are competitors 90 percent of the time and competition is important and I will never give that up. But sometimes we have to work together in the interest of Formula 1 or in the interest of all teams.”

Not a battle like Horner versus Wolff

That relationship and cooperation between the teams goes well in most cases, according to the Ferrari team boss. “If you look at what’s happened in the last few months, I think the relationship, and I’m not talking about the game between Toto and Horner, but I think the collaboration between the teams is positive,” Vasseur said of the battle that Wolff and Horner conducted together in recent years. The Frenchman does not see himself ending up in such a battle. ‘No, I never will. I have full respect for Mr. Horner, I have full respect for Toto. I’ll never play that kind of game.’

Vasseur spoke to Todt

Vasseur indicates that he spoke with Jean Todt in his first months at Ferrari, but that the time when his compatriot was in charge at Ferrari is not comparable to now. “We’ve spoken a few times, but honestly you can’t compare it to what happened. I have worked with Jean for a long time in various aspects and he has been a part of my life for 25 years. We will have time to talk about it with him. But I don’t want to make a comparison. I think Jean is very smart, he knows exactly what worked five or ten years ago.’

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