Vasseur: ‘Let’s not talk about after Hamilton yet, because Lewis isn’t even in the team yet!’

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Vasseur: 'Let's not talk about after Hamilton yet, because Lewis isn't even in the team yet!'

Frédéric Vasseur is very proud of what Ferrari junior Oliver Bearman showed during the weekend in Saudi Arabia, but does not want to predict the future of the 18-year-old Briton yet. According to Vasseur, the Ferrari Driver Academy still has a long process for Bearman to go through, and the Italian racing team does not yet want to look ahead to who will drive at the Scuderia after Lewis Hamilton.

“Let’s not talk about: after Hamilton yet, because Lewis isn’t even in the team yet!” team boss Vasseur jokes, when asked whether there is a seat available for Bearman at Ferrari when Hamilton’s time at the Scuderia comes to an end will be located opposite the Dutch branch of ‘But it is certainly a good sign and an important milestone for Ollie (Bearman, ed.). In Melbourne and Imola he will work on his Formula 2 project again, which is also the most important challenge for Ollie.’

Bearman also does not have to wait very long before he can take a seat in a Formula 1 car again. “He will soon be driving free practice with Haas F1,” Vasseur reveals. ‘It is also important for us that he gains experience and makes progress in the car. But with this race he already has the result in his pocket.’ The Ferrari junior will reportedly be allowed to get into the Haas car during the first free practice in Imola, Barcelona, ​​Silverstone, Budapest, Mexico and Abu Dhabi.

According to Vasseur, it is important that the young Briton gains experience and grows in this way. “You have to realize that Jeddah was a step, not the ultimate goal,” Vasseur explains. “He did well over the weekend, but he will face other challenges in Formula 2. He will do a number of free practice sessions with us and with Haas during the season and in six months we will no longer be talking about Jeddah.” , but about Mexico, Brazil and whether he does well or not. Every day will present a new challenge, but if he continues with the same approach he will be fine.’

Bearman got a message from his F1 hero

Not only Vasseur saw how well Bearman did at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit as a replacement for Carlos Sainz, Bearman’s personal hero Sebastian Vettel also saw it. The German former F1 driver had even sent the young Brit a message prior to his F1 debut. “I received a lot of congratulations and also good luck messages for the race,” Bearman reflected, also to ‘My favorite was Sebastian Vettel. I’ve been a big fan of his since the beginning. I always supported Seb until his retirement. So to get a message from him was really special. To know he was watching put a little bit of pressure, but it was a nice pressure.” Bearman also received a hug from Lewis Hamilton after the race: ‘that was very nice.’

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