Vasseur irritated after journalist’s question: ‘Can I just leave?’

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Vasseur irritated after journalist's question: 'Can I just leave?'

Frédéric Vasseur once again reiterated during the press conference for team bosses that the course of events during the first free training in Las Vegas is unacceptable. Mercedes colleague Toto Wolff was also present at the press conference and the Austrian stated that this is just part of life. However, Ferrari’s team boss was not interested in his colleague’s comments.

Vasseur appeared furious in front of the camera on Sky Sports earlier in the evening, after Carlos Sainz’s car suffered significant damage due to a manhole cover in FP1. ‘The complete monocoque, the power unit and the battery are damaged. This is completely unacceptable,” the Frenchman said. “This is costing us a fortune, and this has completely ruined Carlos’ (Sainz, ed.) session.”

During the press conference for team bosses, Vasseur had not really cooled down yet. ‘We have a lot of damage. We won’t make it to the second free practice anyway, if it is held today. This will cost us a fortune and is completely unacceptable for Formula 1,” the Ferrari team boss repeated once again.

Wolff heard his complaining colleague and decided to get involved. The Austrian stated that these kinds of things are part of Formula 1, but Vasseur was not really looking forward to his Mercedes colleague’s comment. “Come on, Toto, you would also be very disappointed in my position,” the 55-year-old Frenchman replies.

Interviewer misses the point with question about Ferrari’s season

After Vasseur had his say about the damage to Sainz’s SF-23, interviewer Tom Clarkson would like to know from the Frenchman how he looks back on his first year as Ferrari team boss. Wolff realizes that the interviewer is now on thin ice. ‘You’re really getting yourself into trouble now. I have known him (Vasseur, ed.) for twenty years,” Wolff laughs.

The Austrian sensed the situation well, because Vasseur had absolutely no interest in such questions. “Can I just leave?” he asks Clarkson, who is still trying to get an answer to his question. “No, just ask Toto (Wolff, ed.) or someone else a question,” Vasseur responds, visibly irritated. Clarkson says he will return to the Frenchman later. ‘Fine’, is the short answer from the Ferrari team boss.

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