Vandalism after cup final, director De Kuip shocked

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Destroyed toilet bowl in De Kuip

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After the KNVB Cup final between Ajax and PSV, destruction was caused in and near De Kuip. Toilets in the stadium have been destroyed, seats have been broken down, walls have been plastered with stickers.

There is damage everywhere in De Kuip, stadium director Lilian de Leeuw told Rijnmond. “But especially in the sections with Ajax fans and on the Olympia side, where supporters of both teams were mixed up, there was a lot of whack.” PSV won the final after extra time and penalties.

The Lion looks bewildered. “Although I am not naive and was warned in advance about destruction, it was still a shock when I saw the damage with my own eyes afterwards.”

Not only in De Kuip things have been demolished and destroyed, there is also damage at the train station near the stadium, including check-in poles. At least fifty people were arrested around the cup final.

The extent of the damage is not yet known. Once an initial estimate has been made, an invoice will be sent to the KNVB. The football association will possibly forward it to Ajax and PSV.

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