Van der Garde does not rule out that Verstappen’s winning streak will continue for a while: ‘Could make it thirteen or fourteen’

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Van der Garde does not rule out that Verstappen's winning streak will continue for a while: 'Could make it thirteen or fourteen'

Since the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen no longer has to share the record for most consecutive victories in Formula 1 with Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull Racing driver crossed the finish line first in Monza for the tenth time in a row and is now the sole holder of the record. It would not surprise Giedo van der Garde if Verstappen extends his winning streak even further.

A week ago, Verstappen equaled Vettel’s record for most wins in a row. The German managed to win all nine races after the summer break in 2013 and no one would be able to match such a performance until a week ago. Verstappen also triumphed in Zandvoort for the ninth consecutive time. The two-time world champion happily continued where he left off in Monza and even drove Vettel’s record completely out of the books.

“Verstappen can make it thirteen or fourteen”

Verstappen is in blazing form in 2023 and stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field. How long can the Dutchman extend the series? Van der Garde doesn’t actually dare say it. “No one knows, but that it is a new record is of course great,” the Viaplay analyst told “I know myself how difficult it is to get there at all, win a race and win a championship. And Max just manages to win ten races in a row. Yes, that’s just unprecedented. I always say: he has so much confidence, it comes so easily to him. I think it’s great to see what we are now experiencing in the Netherlands with those ten victories. What you say: where is it going to stop? He might make it thirteen or fourteen.’

‘Yes. Look, the trust is there’, Van der Garde responds when asked if he really believes in that. “Singapore is coming, of course, that’s not his favorite circuit. But on the other hand, there is so much confidence, it comes so easily to him. And he does it in such a superior way that it really can go on. So instead of raising ten fingers in a moment, he only needs to raise two fingers. Then he makes it eleven, you know. Or you walk to Perez’s car, which of course has number eleven. So yes, I think he’s going to get a few more.’

Singapore is not one of Verstappen’s favorite circuits

If Verstappen wants to expand his series further, he will also have to triumph in Singapore. That won’t be easy. The Dutchman has also never won at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, unlike teammate Sergio Pérez. ‘Of course he loves street circuits’, says Van der Garde, who also takes other teams into account. “Mercedes will be strong there, McLaren will be strong there and Pérez will be strong there too. So he just has to do a perfect lap in qualifying. His team should not break him down’, Van der Garde refers to the events in qualifying a year ago.

Still, the analyst does not think that Red Bull will necessarily have a hard time. ‘I do not think so. I think we’ve seen before this year that they are very strong on street circuits. In Monaco and Baku. They have already won everything this year. I expect that they will win there again and that it will be a battle between Verstappen and his teammate. If Pérez has a good day, he can win. But if Pérez has just a bit of an off-day and Max has a world day, then he can stand with two fingers’, says Van der Garde.

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