Useful! This iPad pencil does not roll off the table (review Logitech Crayon)

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Logitech Crayon Pencil for iPad
Less positive

As a fan of Apple, you prefer to buy everything from your favorite brand. But… Apple products have a hefty price tag. With Apple accessories, it can pay to look ‘outside the door’. Take this Digital Pencil for iPad for example; the Logitech Crayon. How do you like this one? NL News Anke tested that for you in this review. This is her response…

‘On & Go’

That was to be expected: the Logitech Crayon is a narrow product, the size of a sturdy pencil. Small enough to receive it as a letterbox package. I open the packaging, take out the pencil and immediately see that it has an on/off button. I click, a light comes on, I grab the iPad, and the pencil works immediately! I try to click on some apps, but also make handwritten notes in Notes.

For a moment I got confused, is it that easy? Do I not have to install anything? So no nothing. When you turn on the pencil, the rest happens automatically. Literally ‘On & Go’.

First impression

At first I have to get used to the tip that taps hard on the iPad. I’m generally sensitive to noise, but maybe it’s because I’m used to the original Apple Pencil, which of course has a soft touch on the screen. Perhaps I should frame it as ‘another expectation pattern’.

After a few days I’m used to it, you don’t get me really excited with the sound, but again: you get used to it. The pencil itself works very well. You can write very well (and legibly) and make drawings with the tip. And because of that point you can really make very detailed sketches. There is definitely a lot good to say about that.

Logitech Crayon – Design

The shape of the Logitech Crayon is very handy, it looks a bit like a carpenter’s pencil. Not round, but oval. And so it doesn’t roll off the table, as often happens with Apple’s original pencil. And speaking of that, if the Crayon does fall off the table, little will likely happen. Because the digital pencil is drop-resistant up to almost one and a half meters. And if something happens in a strange case, for example the tip that breaks off, you can easily replace it.

In terms of design, you can simply expect a very streamlined product. Low frills, pretty simplistic. Silver-coloured, with white/grey finishes. I asked myself if the product doesn’t look ‘a bit boring’, but I think it’s not too bad. What else should you expect from a pencil? Right, if you compare the appearance with the Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon can even be called a bit ‘daring’. Anyway… it’s still a pencil, isn’t it?


There is of course a battery in this pen, which you can charge via any USB-C charger. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts about 8 hours and that seems to be the case in this test. If you accidentally forget to turn off the pencil, it will turn itself off after half an hour of inactivity. Handy, but that would have been nice after fifteen minutes.


This Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad costs between 79 and 89 euros, depending on where you buy it. At you pay 89 euros for this pencil from Logitech.


Do you want to buy a pencil for your iPad, but are you not planning to pay 149 euros for it? Then the Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad can be called a serious alternative. That quickly saves 60 euros in total! Or, do you not like the soft touch of the Apple Pencil? Even then you have come to the right place at Logitech. For the lower price, expect a different design, a shorter battery life, and therefore a lot of ease of use. The choice is yours!

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