Urn with ashes found in thrift store Hoorn 09:06 in Regional news "We believe the urn was accidentally disposed of"says an employee.

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The box the urn came in

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An urn with contents has turned up in a thrift store in Hoorn. The urn was among a lot of other stuff in a moody black box with a gold heart on it.

The urn is also heart-shaped. Employees first thought it was a ‘normal’ art object. “We turned the box over and saw a kind of lock that you can open,” says Gerda Marsé of the thrift store. “When we looked at the content, we knew enough.” The urn also contained a bag of ashes.

The urn was probably brought into the thrift store last week. “People can ring the doorbell at the warehouse and bring stuff. The urn was in a cardboard box with other stuff,” said Marsé. “We accepted it and did not immediately look at what was in it. Only later did we clear it out.”

Box is separate

It happens more often that special objects are brought into the cycle. But the employee has never experienced this before in the five years that she has been working there.

Marsé thinks the urn was accidentally disposed of. The box is set aside in the hope that family or a friend will come to collect the urn soon. “We just hope the owner comes forward.”

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