Update | Marko confirms Newey’s contract extension: ‘Certainly he will retire with us’

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Update |  Marko confirms Newey's contract extension: 'Certainly he will retire with us'

Red Bull Racing and Adrian Newey will continue their collaboration, Autosport announced on Monday 1 May. The legendary F1 designer’s current contract was up for renewal at the end of this year, prompting speculation recently that he could be a target for competitors eager to have him on their team. The rumors that Newey would leave are now finally being put to rest, as the Brit remains with Red Bull.

On Monday morning, May 1, Red Bull announces that Newey has signed a new contract. In doing so, he links his F1 future to the Austrian racing team. The contract would expire at the end of 2023 and therefore he would be in the interest of several top teams. Newey will remain on as Technical Director, overseeing the progress of Red Bull’s F1 team, Advanced Technology business and new powertrains. While the new contract has not been officially announced, nor details on its duration, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was pleased that Newey will remain with the team. Newey has been with Red Bull since 2006.

“Adrian has been such a fundamental part of the team and its success since the beginning,” says Horner. “He covers a lot of areas and it’s great to draw on his experience and knowledge. Just like the way he works with the younger employees. He is as motivated as ever. It goes without saying that he is very interested in what is going on with the Powertrains and Red Bull Advanced Technology.’ Horner thinks Red Bull’s set-up, which sees Newey working with senior figures such as technical director Pierre Wache and chief powertrains Ben Hodgkinson, will help him exploit his strengths.

Horner praises: ‘We can use the breadth of his experience in everything’

“I think Pierre (Wache, ed.) is doing a great job on the chassis side,” added Horner. “We have Ben Hodgkinson for the powertrains, who does a fantastic job, and Rob Gray for the advanced technology. It is a people company and that enables him (Newey, ed.) to apply his expertise. He does not have to be present at one particular subject every day. We can use the breadth of his experience in everything.” Horner also indicated that Newey had been excited by the prospect of Red Bull producing its own engines from 2026 – meaning the team will design its entire package for the first time. The currently invincible combination of Red Bull and Newey will therefore continue.

Update 2:20pm (03/05) | Marko confirms Newey’s contract extension: ‘Certainly he will retire with us’

Helmut Marko has confirmed Adrian Newey’s contract extension with Red Bull Racing in conversation with Auto BILD. The top designer has been working in Milton Keynes since 2006 and will continue to do so for years to come. Earlier Motorsport.com already released the news and in response to that reporting Marko comes with more clarity.

“The extension of the contract with Newey shows that we are continuing to build continuity and that we have an extremely pleasant working atmosphere,” said Red Bull’s motorsport chief of the British design guru’s renewed commitment. Adrian has been with us for 17 years and although it is not a lifetime contract, he has always had attractive offers from the competition and will continue to receive them. I hope and am sure that he will retire with us.’

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