Update | FIA responds to Andretti’s rejection: ‘We are in discussions to determine next steps’

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Update |  FIA responds to Andretti's rejection: 'We are in discussions to determine next steps'

Andretti Cadillac said in a statement that it was disappointed in Formula 1’s choice. The American team did not deserve an entry before 2025 or 2026, but the door is slightly ajar for the 2028 season. Andretti Cadillac does not seem to accept the decision, as the team continues to work on the Formula 1 project. In addition, many people disagree with Formula 1’s choice.

On Wednesday evening, Andretti Cadillac was told that there will be no place on the Formula 1 grid in 2025 and 2026. The American racing team has been trying to gain entry for years, but there has always been a lot of resistance from Formula 1. The FIA ​​accepted an entry from Andretti, which works with General Motors, but again the racing team hit a wall. “Andretti Cadillac absolutely disagrees with the content of the Formula 1 results,” a statement read.

Formula 1 has indicated that it is afraid that the sport adds more value to Andretti Cadillac than the other way around. The team absolutely cannot understand that reasoning. “Andretti and Cadillac are two successful motorsport organizations committed to bringing a true American factory team into Formula 1 that can compete with the best teams in the world. We are proud of the significant progress we have already made in developing a highly competitive car and powerplant, with an experienced team behind it.” Andretti Cadillac does not give up. ‘Our work continues unabated.’

F1 has to deal with a lot of criticism

Most people support the words of the American racing team. Formula 1 has therefore received some criticism. Mario Andretti, single world champion, has said via “One of the top five stupidest statements I have ever read,” writes former IndyCar driver Conor Daly on social media.

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Andretti Cadillac was not the only candidate who went for a Formula 1 entry. However, the other candidates did not receive approval from the FIA. Calum Ilott, current IndyCar driver, understands that other teams have little chance after the rejection of Andretti Cadillac. ‘I don’t know what the team still needs to earn an entry into Formula 1. If they don’t get in, I don’t see how others will get it done,” he writes on X.

Steiner defends F1 choice

However, Guenther Steiner, former team boss of Haas, understands Formula 1’s choice. The Italian thinks that the sport found Andretti Cadillac’s plan too ambitious, and is therefore protecting the team itself and the other racing stables. ‘They said there is a new opportunity in 2028. That is not tomorrow but the door is open. By then they have to show that they are prepared and competitive. I think Formula 1 would welcome them,” Steiner told ESPN.

Haas is so far the last team to receive an entry. Steiner indicates that Formula 1 looked very different in 2016. ‘All teams must now be stable and competitive. When we came in, there was a need for new teams. Things just haven’t gotten any easier now, especially now that there is a budget cap. You can’t do more than the others. What you simply don’t have is the experience that other people have,” Steiner said.

Update 11:05am (01/02) | FIA responds to Andretti’s rejection: ‘We are in discussions to determine next steps’

The FIA ​​has responded in a statement to the rejection of Andretti Cadillac. The American racing team was informed on Wednesday evening by Formula One Management (FOM) that the entry was being stopped. The FIA ​​previously did not stand in the way of an entry and will therefore take further steps. ‘The FIA ​​acknowledges Formula One Management’s announcement regarding the Expression of Interest process of the FIA ​​Formula 1 teams. We are in dialogue to determine the next steps.”

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