Update | “Ferrari takes new front wing to Jeddah to counter understeer”

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Update |  “Ferrari takes new front wing to Jeddah to counter understeer”

The Ferrari team will bring an upgrade for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Frédéric Vasseur already hoped that the characteristics of the track would better suit the car and now the update should also provide some extra performance. The team boss of the Italian team therefore hopes for a quick improvement. With that, the Scuderia has to put the Red Bull Racing team to the test.

For Ferrari, the Bahrain Grand Prix was one to quickly forget due to a lack of speed and high tire wear. On top of that came the problem with Charles Leclerc. In Jeddah everything has to go better. “We’re bringing upgrades to Jeddah, so I’m hoping for a step forward,” Vasseur told Motorsport.com. “We have a clear analysis of what we did in Bahrain. We also have a long list of things we need to improve. I hope we are able to show a first reaction in Jeddah.’

“With what we had in Bahrain, I think there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of ride quality,” said the Scuderia team principal. Vasseur was particularly dissatisfied with the car’s set-up after the race. The concept of the SF-23 is therefore good and the car will therefore be improved this weekend. “The most important thing is to stay focused on the current situation and try to make the most of what we have now. We must do the same as soon as we include upgrades that improve the situation and competitiveness of the package.’

Vasseur: ‘Remember that Bahrain is not always representative’

Besides the fact that Vasseur is positive about the SF-23, he expects that the characteristics of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit will better suit the Ferrari car. The team boss therefore remains calm. ‘Remember that Bahrain is not always representative. In addition, we are still at an early stage with the car. We tested for three days on just one track. We need to understand the car better to try and get the most out of it,” said Vasseur.

Update 2:04pm (16/03) | “Ferrari takes new front wing to Jeddah to counter understeer”

Ferrari is taking a new front wing to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, writes the usually well-established Formu1a.uno on Thursday afternoon. The reason for this upgrade is to prevent understeer, which the SF-23 struggled with quite a bit in Bahrain. In addition, there are two other factors that come into play.

The update was in a way already announced by team boss Frédéric Vasseur, who indicated on Wednesday that there would be new developments for the car in Jeddah. Now that turns out to be a new front wing. In addition to counteracting understeer, this should ensure that a better balance can be found and that the adjustment is optimized.

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