Update | Eddie Jordan: ‘Hamilton is a bit of a loner’

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Update |  Eddie Jordan: ‘Hamilton is a bit of a loner’

Nico Rosberg thinks that Angela Cullen’s departure could sometimes be difficult for Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Cullen has been his performance coach for a long time. Rosberg refers to the special and important bond that develops between a driver and trainer, which means that he expects it to be a difficult period for the seven-time world champion, he reports to Sky Sports.

Just before the start of the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia, it was announced that Hamilton and Cullen would separate. The New Zealander has worked with the seven-time world champion for a long time and was by his side for four of the seven titles, for example.

Both indicate that they have broken up well, with Hamilton even indicating that they still have daily contact. He also speaks of Cullen as “one of my dearest friends” and praises her work, saying he has become “a stronger athlete and a better person because of her.”

Rosberg: ‘Relationship between driver and trainer is special’

Still, former driver Rosberg doesn’t expect the split to be as smooth as the two let on, especially considering the effect it could have on the British driver. “I actually think it might be even worse if you break up as friends,” says Rosberg, quoted by Planetf1.com, “because then you lose a good friend as well.”

According to Rosberg, the relationship between driver and trainer is special. “You are always together,” explains the German former driver. “During the race weekend you are only with a small group, if someone like her drops out, yes, that doesn’t seem nice to me.” With the current problems at Mercedes, Rosberg expects the loss of a constant variable such as Cullen could become difficult for Hamilton.

Damon Hill also finds it striking that Cullen is leaving. “I think we were all really surprised because there’s been so much talk about how good she is for him all the time, so it’s a bit of a surprise,” the 1996 world champion told Sky Sports. Hamilton now mainly focuses on closing the gap with the Red Bull Racing drivers. Cullen’s successor will have to help him with that.

Update 6:11pm (25/03) | Eddie Jordan: ‘Hamilton is a bit of a loner’

Former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan indicates in the Podcast A Formula For Success that he is shocked by the split between Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen. The eccentric Irishman, like Nico Rosberg, thinks the split will hit the experienced British driver hard, after Hamilton and Cullen have worked together since 2016.

Eddie Jordan was team boss of Jordan from 1991 to 2005, which achieved four victories in 250 Grands Prix in Formula 1, and made Michael Schumacher’s debut, among others. The flamboyant Irishman was taken by surprise by the split between Hamilton and his performance coach Angela Cullen. “Angela (Cullen, ed.) is gone, that was a shock to me, I must say,” Jordan begins. “I thought they were incredibly close. They were always side by side. Lewis is a bit of a loner, and I mean that in the best possible way. He does not need to be in large groups or have people around him. He generally mind his own business.’

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