Up to almost eight years in prison for producing ecstasy pills

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Up to almost eight years in prison for producing ecstasy pills

Eleven men have been convicted by the court in Den Bosch of membership in a criminal drug organization that produced MDMA and imported 336 kilos of heroin into the Netherlands. They receive prison sentences of up to 7 years and 7 months.

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National public prosecutor’s office

The investigation was called 26DelRio and was led by the national public prosecutor’s office. The main suspects are a 39-year-old man from Tilburg and a 49-year-old man from Amsterdam. According to the court, they were coordinators and from a higher hierarchical position they directed the other suspects.

Spinning pills

The 39-year-old suspect knew about the production of MDMA (the active substance in ecstasy pills). He started looking for a new location to roll pills. He receives a prison sentence of 5 years and 8 months.

The 49-year-old arranged matters remotely and behind the scenes and laundered money.

At some point the suspect’s pre-trial detention was suspended. The court gave him permission to travel to Turkey (under conditions) for a short period so that he could assist his sick parents and brother in Turkey. He returned to the Netherlands each time, but the third time he ran away and never returned. The court finds that the man has thus shown ‘his complete disregard for the rules of law and the legal system’.

He receives a prison sentence of 7 years and 7 months.

Business premises

A 45-year-old man from Lienden made his business premises available to the criminal organization. He receives a prison sentence of 24 months, of which 19 months is conditional.

A 61-year-old man from Nijkerk made his company, company cars and business premises available, as well as his knowledge and network in the transport world.

Outside the drug organization, he has been busy exporting 25 kilos of ecstasy pills and 5 kilos of heroin to the United Kingdom. In addition, he had in his possession 22 firearms and large quantities of ammunition that were also to be exported to the United Kingdom. He has to go to prison for 6 years.

Other suspects received sentences of 240 hours of community service and a suspended prison sentence of 6 months to 6 years and 7 months.

One of the suspects worked in the facilities department at a municipality. The court imposes a prison sentence of 350 days, of which 175 days are conditional. The court takes into account that the man did not have a staff sheet and that he appears to have put his life on the right path.

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