Two years in prison for man who drove into Renesse terrace

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The man who drove into terraces in Renesse several times with a car in August 2022, has to go to jail for two years by the judge in Middelburg.

The punishment is the same as the requirement of the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The 51-year-old man from Hellevoetsluis is not allowed to drive for three years after his prison sentence.

On the summer night in August there was a lot of nightlife. Two people were hit by the car, one woman was slightly injured. According to the court, the man was guilty, among other things, of committing two attempted aggravated assault with premeditation.

Back with chisel

According to Omroep Zeeland, things went wrong after an altercation at a cafe. The man was not allowed in there with his glass. He walked away, but later returned with his car and drove onto the terrace. People had to avoid the car.

According to the court, the nightlife public experienced this as a deliberate attack. “After this event, the suspect walked back to the entertainment area with a chisel and another sharp object in his hand. This created another threatening situation.”

According to the broadcaster, the man has several violent incidents on his criminal record. He was sentenced to a prison sentence in Belgium after he beat someone into a coma as a doorman at a club.

Watch footage of the incident here:

Two years in prison for terrace rider Renesse
  • Car drives onto the Renesse terrace twice, driver arrested
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