Two suspects arrested for projecting discriminatory slogans

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The projection on the Erasmus Bridge on New Year’s Eve
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The police arrested two men this morning who are suspected of being involved in the projection of offensive and discriminatory slogans on the Erasmus Bridge during New Year’s Eve.

It concerns 34-year-old Daniel S. from Landgraaf and 24-year-old John A. from Zwijndrecht. Previously, these names were already circulating as possible perpetrators of the projection.

The 34-year-old man may also have been involved in a similar projection in Eindhoven this week, the police say. The youngest suspect was involved in a similar action in Alkmaar on January 18 of this year.

Black man abuse

The man from Landgraaf is also a suspect in an investigation into the assault and insult of a dark man from Amsterdam in the center of Breda. The victim is said to have been assaulted in October 2021 after the suspect pasted stickers with racist texts in the city center.

Last New Year, racist texts could be read on the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam for minutes. This was shown during the live broadcast of RTL’s countdown. For example, the texts ‘White lives matter’ and ‘Zwarte Piet did nothing wrong’ could be read.

Crossbow and weapon parts

The police, led by the Public Prosecution Service, launched an investigation. In addition, detectives conducted online research and police specialists delved into the origin of the projection equipment used.

The investigation led to the two suspects. After the arrests, their homes were searched. Among other things, data carriers, a crossbow and 3D-printed weapon parts were found.

Whether the two suspects are also behind the projections at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is not clear. The police are also investigating this. Texts were then shown suggesting that Anne Frank would not have written her diary herself.

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