Two suspects arrested following the explosion in Maarssen

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Maarssen – An explosion took place in broad daylight on Wednesday, January 17. A house at Zwanenkamp in Maarssen was damaged. The police were able to arrest two people yesterday.

The residents were at home when they heard a very loud bang. They soon discovered that their front door had been completely destroyed by the explosion. They immediately alerted the police.

Two suspects arrested
A man and a woman were arrested yesterday morning. They are suspected of involvement in the explosion on January 17. The suspects emerged from investigation.

No connections with previous explosions
The police are still investigating the explosion, but currently see no connections with previous explosions in Maarssenbroek. The police would still like to get in touch with people who know more about this incident or other incidents.

Do you know something? Say something!
Do you have information? Do you know more? Say something! This can be done by calling free of charge 0800-6070. It is also possible to submit your information or tip anonymously by calling 0800-7000 for free. You can submit anonymously online by clicking here.

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