Two police officers fired for serious dereliction of duty

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The management of the Northern Netherlands police has fired two employees for serious dereliction of duty outside duty. It concerns two employees from the Drenthe district.

According to the police, these are not ‘service acts’. ‘But also in private time, police officers are expected to behave in a socially responsible and morally irreproachable manner,’ according to the police.


In June 2022, the Safety, Integrity and Complaints team (VIK) was instructed to conduct an investigation into the behavior of an employee due to a suspicion of serious dereliction of duty in the relationship. In November 2022, another employee was investigated for suspected serious dereliction of duty in the private sphere. The two cases are unrelated, according to police.

Example function

According to the police, both disciplinary investigations show that the two were guilty of serious dereliction of duty. The nature and seriousness of the behavior of the two was so bad that there could only be an unconditional discharge. The two did not work again during the investigation.

‘When you work for the police, you have an exemplary function. Police work is human work and people can make mistakes. We have to learn from that, but dereliction of duty has consequences,” the police said in a press release.

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