Two men arrested red-handed after drug deal

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Amersfoort – Attentive police officers caught two 23-year-old Amersfoort residents red-handed after a drug deal on Friday evening, January 19. The two were arrested on suspicion of trafficking in soft drugs.


On Friday around 9 p.m., the police couple was driving through the abandoned industrial estate at the Industrial Estate, when they noticed a young man who was walking back and forth and seemed a bit nervous. They decided to observe the situation. Shortly afterwards, a car pulled up to the boy and the occupants appeared to make contact with the boy. The police then decided to stop the boy and the car.

House search

The 17-year-old buyer admitted to having just bought drugs from the two men in the car. When the police searched the car, they found a shoulder bag with some soft drugs and cash. One of the men emerged from a report with Meld Misdaad Anoniem. The police then decided to search his home. There they found bags with soft drugs, several thousand euros in cash and an object similar to a firearm. The two 23-year-old men from Amersfoort have been arrested for dealing in soft drugs.

Always report suspicious situations

Thanks to the attentive officers, we were able to make two arrests. Have you witnessed a suspicious situation? Do you see suspicious behavior? If it is not urgent, you can provide information via 0900-8844.

If immediate help is needed, you can call 112. Remember the location, descriptions and special characteristics of people or license plates of suspicious cars and pass them on to the control room.

Call the police


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