Two boys arrested after pursuit in Lemmer

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Lemmer – After a chase, two boys are arrested in the night of Sunday 4 to Monday 5 June. The chase starts following an ANPR hit after the car was stolen in Leeuwarden.

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On Sunday evening, June 4, a car is stolen at around 9 p.m. on Korfmakerstraat in Leeuwarden. Some time later there is an ANPR hit, after which officers find the car a little later on the Brekweg in Lemmer. The driver ignores the stop sign, after which a brief chase ensues. This ends at the intersection of the Melkweg and the Straatweg in Lemmer, where the vehicle jams itself and comes to a stop.

Pursuit on foot
Two people flee from the car, one of them can be apprehended on foot after a short chase. The other hides in the area. The area is cordoned off by several police units. Eventually, the second suspect is tracked down by a service dog, who bites him upon finding it. The suspect suffered minor injuries and was assessed by paramedics at the scene.

Both suspects were transferred to the cell complex in Leeuwarden. It concerns two underage boys from Leeuwarden and The Hague. An investigation must show what the involvement of the two is in the theft of the car.

With ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) a camera scans license plates of passing vehicles. A special camera with ANPR technology reads license plates of passing vehicles. The license plates read are compared with a list of wanted license plates: license plates of drivers who have outstanding fines or who are wanted by the judiciary, for example for an ongoing police investigation.

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