Two arrests in Emmen money laundering investigation: cars, designer clothing and cash seized

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Emmen – Two suspects were arrested during police actions on Flintstraat and Meerveld in Emmen on Monday, January 22. These are men aged 35 and 63 from Emmen. They are suspected of laundering criminally obtained money.

Research into money flows
The police started an investigation into financial flows of one of the suspects based on signals that he may have been engaged in criminal activities. In addition, several anonymous reports about this suspect were received. The man allegedly drives exclusive vehicles and wears expensive clothing, without having any explicable assets for this. The second suspect was also identified in this investigation.

Cars, cash and luxury goods
During the action, two cars, cash and a large number of luxury goods such as designer clothing, bags, jewelry and watches were seized. Money is the driving force behind almost all forms of crime. By confiscating the money and luxury goods, a suspect is hit in the place that hurts the most: the wallet. Taking criminal money and luxury goods obtained with criminal money is an important part of the fight against crime.

Share (anonymously) information with the police
The suspects are in custody and are being interrogated. The research will continue in the near future. Do you suspect that someone is engaged in criminal activities? Or do you notice that someone, for example, drives expensive cars and has many luxury goods without it being clear how they get their wealth? Share that information with us. You can call 0900-8844 for this, but it can also be done anonymously, just like tipsters in this study. Do you want to share information but would you rather not have the police know your identity? Then call Report Crime Anonymous: 0800-7000. You can also tip online.

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