Two arrests for multiple business burglaries

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The Hague – A 37-year-old man and a 30-year-old man were arrested on Monday, February 20 on suspicion of committing 18 burglaries around Zuiderpark and the surrounding neighborhoods.

A striking number of industrial burglaries took place around the Zuiderpark and the surrounding neighborhoods in the past period. The police investigated the case by analyzing camera images and eventually officers recognized the suspects from the images. These men have no fixed place of residence or abode, but thanks to the good network of the community police officers, the addresses were traced.

As far as is known, the two burglars committed one burglary together. The 37-year-old man is seen as a suspect in 12 business burglaries and two home burglaries and the 30-year-old man for five burglaries, four of which were burglaries at the same company.

Both suspects are currently in custody.

Suspicious situation

Do you see someone in your neighborhood who looks into different houses or businesses with great interest. That person walks away for a while, comes back, makes a circle around the house or company. You just feel it’s not right. Even if you are not sure, call the police at 1-1-2. The agents would rather come too often than too little. For tips on how to prevent burglary, click on this link.

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