Two arrests for moving millions of euros, dollars and pounds underground

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Driebergen – On Tuesday, April 9, a 47-year-old man and 40-year-old woman from Rotterdam were arrested in an investigation into underground banking. They are suspected of moving millions of euros, dollars and pounds underground. During searches of the home and a store, various data carriers, cash and a money counting machine were seized for further investigation. A Range Rover was also seized and various bank accounts were seized.

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From the Underground Banking Task Force (TF-UB), a financial investigation team from the National Investigation and Interventions Unit, led by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, started the 26Alencon investigation on May 30, 2023. The man and woman are suspected of moving large amounts of cash for third parties (inter)nationally. The investigation shows that millions of euros, dollars and pounds have been moved. This cash probably comes from crimes. The investigation is in full swing.

Criminal underground banking

The (underground) movement of criminal money is crucial for the running of internationally operating organized crime. Criminal underground banking is a form of organized crime. This involves moving large amounts of cash or converting them into cryptocurrencies within a network of underground bankers and currency brokers. This money mainly comes from drug trafficking and is used for investments in assets or criminal activities.

Through the network of underground bankers, a payment can be made anywhere in the world without the money having to physically cross the border. An underground banker is therefore a key figure and crucial link in organized crime.

Spearhead of the Public Prosecution Service and the police

Tackling and combating criminal underground banking is a spearhead of the police and the Public Prosecution Service. The National Investigation and Intervention Unit of the police and the National Public Prosecution Service developed a system approach within the TF-UB to combat the most undermining internationally operating networks of underground bankers and currency brokers.

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