Two arrests by alert witnesses after bank helpdesk fraud

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Two arrests by alert witnesses after bank helpdesk fraud

Deventer – The police arrested two men in Colmschate on Monday afternoon on suspicion of involvement in bank helpdesk fraud. Just before the arrests, an attempt was made to defraud a 97-year-old woman. The men from Eindhoven (17 and 22 years old) are stuck.

The woman was called with the story that something was wrong with her bank account. The so-called bank employees would help her and ensure that her debit card would be collected. Fortunately, employees of the nursing home where the lady lives were alert. The police were immediately called in.

Indeed, a suspect reported to the location to collect the victim’s bank card. He was apprehended by rushing agents. The second suspect was found in a vehicle nearby. The police are further investigating the possible involvement of the duo in several cases. There were more reports of similar cases in the municipality of Deventer on Monday.

Tips on calls

Here are the most important tips for people approached by so-called bank employees:
1. Not sure if you have a scammer on the phone? Even if you have slight doubts: disconnect immediately.
2. Find the correct bank telephone number yourself. Then you can call the bank back and ask if what you were told and what you were asked to do is correct.
3. Never share your pin and/or login codes. Also, never hand over your bank card, even if it has been cut in half. The chip will still work so that scammers can withdraw money.
4. Do not install software like Teamviewer or Anydesk. Use the normal banking app.
5. Do not transfer money to a safe (vault) account. Such accounts do not exist!

Also watch the video below which explains more about bank help desk fraud. Still a victim? Always report! Sometimes there is shame, but it really isn’t necessary. Criminals are going to work deviously and do everything they can to make it look as real as possible.

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