Two arrests after threats and extortion

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Oisterwijk – A 37-year-old man from Waalwijk and a 37-year-old man from Sprang-Capelle were arrested by the police on Friday, March 24, because they are suspected of threatening and extorting a 31-year-old Oisterwijk resident. They demanded money and threatened with a hand grenade because they think he anonymously tipped him off about a cannabis farm.

The victim filed a report. He stated that two men had threatened and extorted him and his partner. According to him, one of the perpetrators was his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. They demanded 25,000 euros because they suspected that he had anonymously passed on a tip about a cannabis farm. They threatened to throw a hand grenade into his home if he did not pay. Although he denied being the anonymous tipster, the men persisted in their threats and extortion.

The police immediately started a further investigation and also discovered the identity of the second suspect. The two men were arrested on Friday, March 24, on behalf of the public prosecutor. They were taken into custody and were brought before the examining magistrate yesterday. They have been released under conditions and will have to appear in court later.

“Police and Justice take a threat with a hand grenade seriously, given the impact and social unrest that such a threat causes, so that, if possible, an investigation is immediately started after a report has been reported to track down the suspect(s), stop this threat and to bring suspects to justice.”

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