Two arrests after discovery of production location 3-CMC in Haps

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Haps – Two men were arrested on the Kwekersweg in Haps after the discovery of a production location for synthetic drugs. The police discovered the lab during an administrative inspection in collaboration with the municipality.

On Sunday, November 19, police officers carried out an administrative check. At one of the locations they smelled a strange odor. They then decided to enter the building. Inside they found a production and drying area and goods used to produce synthetic drugs. Two men who were present at the location were arrested and taken to the police station. The building has since been guarded by a specialist police unit.

The National Forensic Police investigated the location in recent days. This shows that this is a production location for the drug 3-CMC. The investigation at the location has now been completed and all items found will be dismantled and destroyed.

The suspects, a 42-year-old man from Hoogeveen and a 31-year-old man from Haps, were arrested for possessing goods related to the Opium Act and manufacturing them. They are being held and are being interrogated.

We are still looking for additional information. Do you have any tips that can help us with our investigation? Or have you seen something that caught your eye in the area of ​​the Kwekersweg in Haps? Then call 0900-8844 or via Report Crime Anonymous 0800-7000.

Do you suspect a drug lab?
Drug labs can be located anywhere; in the countryside or in the big city, in barns, houses, garages or in apartment buildings. Signs that a drug lab is located include the presence of a strong synthetic odor (aniseed or chemically pungent, sour or acetone). In the building in question, cracks and/or windows are often sealed with PUR foam. The windows may also be fogged, taped or covered; for example, the curtains never open.

Do you suspect a drug lab? Then call the police via 112. You can also report anonymously via 0800-7000. More information about what to do if you find a drug lab can be found here:

Call the police


Respond online

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