Two arrests after Ambachtsplein robbery

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Rotterdam – The robbery of a boy and his scooter led to two arrests on Sunday evening. Due to the information that they were armed, the officers were forced to carry out a BTGV. And that was a good thing; one had a knife and the other a gun. The boys, aged 17 and 18, have been arrested.

It was Sunday evening around 10 p.m. when the report came in that a boy had been robbed of his scooter. The suspect, who could not get the scooter started and threw it down, ran towards the subway. Officers who received the report immediately started an investigation and received descriptions of two suspects. The two allegedly threatened with a firearm. This put colleagues on edge while checking the metro routes.

Prinsenlaan metro station
At Prinsenlaan station they saw two boys in the metro who matched the description. There were still a handful of people in the metro car, who were able to get off on instructions from the police. A dangerous suspect approach technique (BTGV) was then initiated and a 17-year-old boy was arrested. He had a knife with him. The second suspect was sitting a little further away. He was also approached with a firearm drawn, but appeared to have nothing with him. Then there was another group of four men who belonged to the pair. They were searched and a firearm was found on one of the men.
The two boys, aged 17 from Bergschenhoek and 18 from Rotterdam, have been arrested.

Youth and weapons
The police have long noticed that young people regularly walk around with weapons. In many cases this phenomenon has to do with bravado and image, which is very worrying.
Management lies in the hands of the municipalities, which work with other partners; such as the police, but also schools, youth work, and parents. Carrying a weapon is unacceptable. The police appeal to young people and their parents not to carry weapons. Suspect that someone has a weapon in his or her possession? Call 112 immediately.
Do you own a weapon and want to get rid of it, but you don’t know how? Please contact us on 0900-8844.

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