Two arrested for drug trafficking

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Utrecht – The police arrested two suspects on Thursday evening, February 23, for possible involvement in the trade in narcotics. Both suspects were arrested in a shop on Columbuslaan. The arrests were part of various subversion checks that were held that same evening by the municipality, the police and other partners.

The police tracked down the suspects through a number of Meld Misdaad Anoniem reports. Based on these signals, an investigation was started in which a shop and a box on Columbuslaan were searched on Thursday evening, February 23. A 32-year-old from Amersfoort and a 21-year-old from Utrecht were present in the store. They both had narcotics with them.

box closed

In addition to narcotics and packaging materials, the searched box also contained other illegal merchandise, including prohibited medicines. All items have been seized for further investigation. Both men were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. The searched box was immediately closed by order of the mayor.

Additional actions

In addition to this action, the municipality, police and other partners also checked various shops and companies in the Lunetten shopping center and its surroundings. It turned out that a shop was selling liquor without a permit, the partners found a few people who were not allowed to work in the Netherlands and there was illegal room rental.

Reporting pays off, also anonymously

The police do not see everything and tips from residents are therefore very important. This case was also started by an alert tipster. We need your eyes and ears. Do you see any of these signals?

  • Young people hanging around somewhere and quickly exchanging something with passers-by.
  • A car where people keep ‘picking up’ something.
  • A lot of run-up to a (sealed) house, even at crazy times.
  • People walk in and out of the house or company with bags.
  • The windows of the house are often steamed up and the extractor hood is on a lot.

Then report this to the police or your local police officer. This can be done by calling 0900-8844. Or via the tip form below. But you can also report this anonymously via Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800-7000.

Call the police


Respond online

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