Twitter is still worth $20 billion according to Musk

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Twitter is still worth  billion according to Musk

But, that can still grow to a quarter of a trillion

He bought it for $44 billion, drove a bulldozer through it and antagonized many of the remaining employees. Many advertisers turned their backs on him and new initiatives to make the platform profitable again do not get off the ground smoothly. In short, Elon Musk’s first months as owner and CEO of Twitter were, to say the least, exciting. And now the social network is not even worth half of the amount he paid for it himself.

Musk must ‘swallow’ more than 20 billion loss

At least that is the value that Musk himself assigns to Twitter. That turns out from an email he sent to Twitter staff offering them stock packages. It can be deduced from this that Musk currently estimates the value of Twitter at around $ 20 billion.

Yet Musk also writes in the email that he is still confident that Twitter will recover. In fact, he thinks the platform could eventually reach a value of more than $250 billion. Although he also says that the road there will not be an easy one.

Of course, that can also be a sales tactic to convince employees to buy the share packages that are now being offered. By keeping a tenfold increase in value in front of them.

Source code stolen

This weekend also came to outside that part of Twitter’s secret source code had ended up on GitHub. This was evident from legal documents. Twitter recently took GitHub to court to force the software sharing platform to take the captured and published code offline. That has already happened.

The code was probably stolen by employees who left Twitter last year. The investigation into the theft of the source code and the executives responsible took several months.

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