Tunahan Kuzu does not continue as MP for Denk 11:52 in Politics "My work in parliament is over", he says. Kuzu, one of the founders of Denk, remains involved with the party.

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Kuzu (left) with the current party chairman and party leader Van Baarle
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Tunahan Kuzu will not continue as Member of Parliament for Denk after the elections. “My work in parliament is over,” Kuzu wrote in a statement.

Kuzu, one of the founders of Denk, remains involved with the party. “Because I am convinced that in a period of right-wing movement, Denk’s representation in the House of Representatives is more important than ever.” In the near future, Kuzu will serve as campaign manager for the elections on November 22.

Stephan van Baarle will be party leader in those elections, it was announced yesterday. Kuzu announced today that Dogukan Ergin is number 2 on the list. Ergin was an employee for Denk in the House of Representatives for a long time and is now an alderman in Schiedam.


Kuzu (42) started his political career in 2008 as a PvdA municipal councilor in Rotterdam. In 2012 he entered the House of Representatives on behalf of that party. After disagreements about the integration policy of PvdA minister Asscher, he split away two years later together with Selcuk Öztürk.

The two founded a new party with Denk. With Kuzu as party leader, the party won three seats in the 2017 elections. Kuzu was party leader and faction chairman, but transferred those tasks to Farid Azarkan in 2020. He also announced his departure from politics.

Power struggle

The reason was a power struggle between the two Denk founders. Part of this was an affair between MP Kuzu and a Denk volunteer and alleged transgressive behavior. Kuzu spoke at the time of a “political fratricidal attack” by Öztürk.

The two made up, but the issue ultimately led to Öztürk’s departure. Kuzu just reversed his decision to leave politics and remained in Parliament.

  • Brand new Denk faction leader Van Baarle appointed as party leader
  • Think leader Azarkan leaves politics
  • Investigation into power struggle Denk and Kuzu affair will not happen after all
  • Politics

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