Truce Sudan again not respected, firefights continue unabated 07:30 in Abroad Since last Saturday, two generals have been fighting a violent power struggle with each other; those of the Sudanese army and the RSF paramilitary movement.

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Residents of Khartoum leave the city
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In Sudan, shots were fired in several places last night. This seems to indicate that the truce in Sudan has not been complied with. Shots were heard in the capital Khartoum last night. Eyewitnesses say fighting continued into the early morning, including reports of anti-aircraft fire.

The first ceasefire was signed on Tuesday and little came of it. Yesterday another file went into effect at 6 p.m. Dutch time. But within minutes gunfire could be heard again in the capital Khartoum. The big question is whether it will also remain quiet during the day today.

Since Saturday, two generals have been fighting a violent power struggle; those of the Sudanese army and the RSF paramilitary movement. Since then, citizens can hardly leave their homes, which leads to difficult situations.

Residents flee

Many residents of the capital Khartoum, among others, hardly have any water in their homes. But because there is so much shooting all over the city, it is unsafe in many places. Meanwhile, thousands of Khartoum residents have left the city, either by car or on foot.

Whether it will be quieter in the coming days is the big question. The international community calls on the warring parties to stop the fighting. The presidents of neighboring countries hope to be able to mediate in the conflict. It is also hoped that the Gulf states can exert pressure, because they have good contacts with both camps.

Several countries want to remove their embassy staff and other compatriots from Sudan. The Netherlands is sending two Hercules transport aircraft to Jordan in preparation for a possible evacuation of the Dutch.

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