Triple-header with two sprint races asks too much of teams: ‘always leads to problems’

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Triple-header with two sprint races asks too much of teams: 'always leads to problems'

Mike Krack, team boss of Aston Martin, says that his team is not in favor of the sprint race weekends in the way they are currently structured. The team boss indicates that the sprint race format that Formula 1 currently uses always leads to problems and is difficult for a team’s employees.

Krack is not only negative about sprint races. “I think we have now found a good balance with six sprints in 24 races,” he tells ServusTV. “But you also have to realize that it is tough for the team if you have a triple-header overseas at the end of the year and then also two sprint races,” he adds with a critical note.

The Grand Prix of São Paulo was the last race of the triple-header. Of these three Grand Prix weekends that were held consecutively, two were held according to the sprint race format. According to Krack, this asked a lot of the teams and forced all employees to, in his words, ‘go to the extreme’.

Few people are in favor

According to the team boss, few people within Aston Martin are in favor of sprint races. “That’s just the way it is,” he says. ‘You only have a very short time in free practice and then you also have the Sprint Shootout, which of course throws the whole thing into disarray. People often don’t stand where they should be,” the team boss further explains.

Krack emphasizes that sprint races involve a lot of unnecessary chaos. ‘Sometimes you choose a different strategic view. One chooses two cool down rounds, the other only does one. And that always leads to cars bumping into each other on the track. The fact that it is a very short circuit with twenty cars obviously made it even more difficult here. That always leads to problems,” said the team boss.

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