‘Travellers must reserve a place in trains to Belgium and Germany’ 05:43 in Binnenland Interest groups are angry, the AD writes. They believe that the NS makes international travel by train so much less attractive.

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Anyone who wants to travel to Belgium and Germany by train from mid-June must book a seat in advance in many trains, the AD reports. In this way, the NS wants to limit the large crowds. International trains are extremely popular.

The measure applies from 17 June to 18 August for all ICE trains. And the cheapest rate of 25 euros to Brussels from now on mainly applies during off-peak hours.

“NS expects this measure to contribute to seat availability, comfort and (social) safety on the Intercity Brussels”, the AD quotes the director of NS International.

Where possible, the carrier extends trains and reserve trains and buses are kept in reserve. And in the longer term, new equipment must be installed.

‘Wrong development’

The ANWB, Fietsersbond, senior organization KBO/PCOB and traveler association Rover are angry, the newspaper writes. The interest groups believe that the NS makes international travel by train that much less attractive.

“By limiting Early Bird tickets, NS makes the intercity to Brussels on average more expensive for travelers. We think that is the wrong development,” they write in a negative advice to NS. They consider the reservation obligation “the least bad of all bad solutions”.

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