Traveling photo exhibition ‘Heartbeat of the street’ in Oss

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Oss – Police work, everyone has an idea of ​​that. But is that image correct? The exhibition shows real photos of our colleagues during their work on the street. On Thursday, April 11 between 10:00 and 11:00, police chief Wilbert Paulissen, mayor Wobine Buijs and team leader Chantal van Drunen will open this traveling exhibition at the Heuvel in Oss. Are you nearby? Then be sure to come and have a look.

You can’t miss it if you are in the center of Oss. Ten large billboards showing photos of police officers in all kinds of situations, for example during an emergency service, on surveillance in the neighborhood, during investigations and in training. Photographer Wouter Zaalberg worked with the police throughout the country for about 1.5 years. His assignment was to show the police from the inside. Photos that tell the raw story. Wouter: ‘I don’t stage anything. I want it to be real.” He sometimes took photographs from the passenger seat or over the shoulders of officers. As a visitor to the exhibition you are at the center of police work. The exhibition is impressive, just like the work of the police and we are proud of that! We want to talk about police work with visitors and passers-by of the exhibition about what police work means to them. We think it is important to be in touch with the residents of Unity East Brabant.

The photos show police work that is recognizable to citizens. They are sometimes raw but honest photos. The exhibition focuses on police work and makes it visible. The heartbeat of the street is a public thank you to all officers for their efforts, because we appreciate them. A photographic tribute to both the blue craftsmanship and the people in the uniform.

The photo exhibition ‘Heartbeat of the Street’ is a traveling exhibition that moves through the different units. The exhibition can be admired at the Heuvel in Oss from April 10 to April 21. We are grateful to the municipality of Oss for their hospitality in allowing us to exhibit the sculptures in the center. In addition, we are pleased with the efforts of colleagues to make this a success.

Opening moment on Thursday April 11
The photo exhibition, which will be posted next Wednesday, will be officially opened on Thursday, April 11. Mayor Wobine Buijs of the municipality of Oss is present, as are police chief Wilbert Paulissen and team chief Chantal van Drunen of the Maasland base team (Oss and surrounding areas). Opening time: 10:00 am. The opening lasts about half an hour, after which there is time to continue the conversation. Everyone is very welcome at this opening moment.

The photo exhibition ‘The heartbeat of the street’ has previously been held in The Hague, Nijmegen and Dordrecht. Later this year the exhibition will travel to other police units.

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