Trains drive past the location of the fatal accident in Voorschoten again 09:51 in Regional News "We are here with mixed feelings"says Anne-Nynke Blok, ProRail area manager.

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Train traffic has resumed this morning

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The trains have been driving past the site of the fatal accident at Voorschoten since this morning. Since that happened on April 4, no trains ran between Leiden and The Hague.

Last week, railway manager ProRail installed new overhead wires and replaced the rails at Voorschoten station. The first train left this morning at 05:10.

“We are here with mixed feelings,” Anne-Nynke Blok, area manager of ProRail, told Omroep West. “The accident was incredibly tragic and sad. But I’m especially impressed with how everyone went to work to get the track ready again. So it’s a bit bittersweet.”

Very full

Travelers are happy that the trains are running again, they say to the regional broadcaster. “The bus was always very full. That was not much fun,” says one of them. “I was on the bus for an hour, now it takes me eight minutes,” says another:

Trains are running again between The Hague and Leiden after an accident in Voorschoten

In the accident on the night of 3 to 4 April, a freight train and a passenger train were running on a construction crane that was standing near the track due to work. The crane operator was killed. Dozens of people were injured. One of them is still in the hospital.

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