Traffic in Berlin blocked in more than thirty places by climate activists

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Due to climate actions, traffic was stuck in more than thirty places in Berlin this morning. Climate activists from Letzte Generation caused great nuisance in the German capital with blockades.

After activists glued themselves to the road, traffic soon came to a standstill on part of the ring road around Berlin. According to German media, traffic was hindered by activists standing in the street, glued or holding banners.

The operation in more than thirty places in the city was largely completed during the morning. Some 500 agents were deployed to prevent or end the blockades.

Berlin ‘lame’

Letzte Generation previously announced that it wanted to close down the entire city. “We are bringing the city to a standstill so that the government moves,” said a member of the action group. The group wants the government to take more drastic measures to combat climate change.

For example, the activists want Germany to stop using fossil fuels by 2030 at the latest and to introduce a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The group also believes that there should be a plan to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees. According to scientists, the earth is now heading for a much greater warming.

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  • AP
    Activists block a street in Berlin during the climate protest
  • AP
    Climate activists stand against the police in Berlin
  • AP
    An activist is taken away with a piece of concrete glued to his hand
  • AP
    Police use a power drill to remove a climate activist’s glued hand
  • AP
    Letzte Generation activists glued themselves to various roads in Berlin

Traffic in London was also paralyzed for hours. Dozens of climate activists from Just Stop Oil shut down traffic there in protest against fossil fuels. They called on the government not to approve new oil and gas projects, among other things. Last weekend, tens of thousands of people also demonstrated in the government district of Westminster for more climate protection.

Both Just Stop Oil and Letzte Generation are financed by Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), an organization that donates to several climate groups worldwide.

Also action in Amsterdam

Activists protested at ING’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Amsterdam. The bank halted the meeting several times because activists – who had bought a share to enter – disrupted the meeting.

An activist was kicked out of the meeting when he kept blowing a whistle to persuade the ING top to stop fossil investments. He was then arrested. The meeting has now been suspended.

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