Traffic enforcement on trajectory roads

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Utrecht – In consultation with the provinces, the water board and the Public Prosecutor’s Office CVOM, the Traffic Team of the Central Netherlands Police Unit appoints a number of provincial and municipal primary routes every six months. More checks will be carried out on these roads from April. The Central Netherlands Police Unit works in the provinces of Flevoland and Utrecht and in the Gooi and Vecht region.

Sectional roads (or parts thereof) are roads on which structural traffic enforcement takes place, with a particular focus on speed. Structural traffic enforcement is carried out both conspicuously and unobtrusively and at the most effective moments. In addition to enforcement, the road manager focuses on information and it can also be decided to adjust the route infrastructurally. The ultimate goal is to increase road safety.

Primary route roads are named, among other things, on the basis of an analysis of the risk factors present, violation percentages (speed), the accident picture and complaints. In addition to primary routes, a number of secondary routes are also named. No agreements have been made regarding structural traffic enforcement on secondary routes, but they do receive extra attention where possible.

Incidentally, traffic enforcement on primary and secondary route roads is part of the total traffic enforcement package of the Traffic Team, which is mainly aimed at a specific category of traffic offences. Think of serious misconduct, distraction in traffic (non-hands-free driving of a car or holding a phone while cycling), red light violations, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and speed).

Enforcement period April to September 2023
The following routes (or parts thereof) have been designated for the above period:

Provincial roads: N224, N228, N302, N351, N415 (to Oostereind in Hilversum), N421, N458, N701, N709
Municipal roads: Stuartweg in Vianen, Atoomweg in Utrecht, Vogelweg/Safariweg in Maarssen, Stichtseweg in Blaricum


Provincial roads: N198, N212, N306, N309, N401, N704, N708, N710
Water board: Achthoven in Lexmond (Vijfheerenlanden)

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