Traffic control Gooi en Vechtstreek leads to dozens of fines

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Naarden – On Tuesday, April 25, the police, together with partners, conducted a major comprehensive traffic check in Naarden, on the Amsterdamsestraatweg near the A1. Nearly fifty fines were handed out. In addition, one arrest was made and a ghost vehicle was seized.

Integral control

The inspection was a collaboration between the police, customs, tax authorities and AVIM (Department of the Aliens Police, Identification and Human Trafficking). Various facts were checked, such as traffic violations, insurance and travel documents and the technical condition of vehicles.


In total, almost fifty fines were issued for various offenses including driving without a licence, using a mobile phone in traffic, dangerous driving and speeding, not or not properly wearing a helmet, or driving a vehicle that does not comply with the regulations. meets legal requirements.

Other facts

A ghost vehicle was also seized during the check. This is a van that was not registered anywhere in the systems. One arrest was also made for driving with an invalid driver’s license. A driver’s license was also recovered in connection with a speeding violation. The passports of five other persons checked were confiscated, whose (travel) documents were not in order. They are expected at the police station to provide more information and the correct documents, after which they can expect the passport back. Some other offenses included possession of invalid license plates, pepper spray, or driving under the influence of alcohol.

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