Track repair at Voorschoten is progressing, trains will resume on Thursday 17:52 in Binnenland Earlier it was said that train traffic would not be possible again until Friday.

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Work on the track at Voorschoten station
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The recovery of the track at Voorschoten, after the accident two weeks ago, is going faster than expected. ProRail announces that trains can run again between Leiden and The Hague in the early morning on Thursday. Earlier it was said that train traffic would not be possible again until Friday.

Shortly after the accident, it was thought that trains would run again from today, but that turned out to be too optimistic. At the end of last week, it was therefore said that the recovery would take until Friday. That has now been shortened by a day.

Construction crane on track

In the accident, a freight train and a passenger train drove on a construction crane that was on the track there due to work. The operator of the crane of construction company BAM was killed. Dozens of people were injured.

An initial investigation by ProRail showed that the crane had driven over the track too early. A request had been made for the train traffic to be stopped, but before this had happened the crane had already crossed.

The devastation on the track was great. Two parts of the passenger train were lying in the meadow next to the track. The Dutch Railways has recently deployed buses on the blocked route.

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  • Train sets towed from pasture after accident in Voorschoten
  • ProRail: construction crane too early at the Voorschoten track that was still in use
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