Top 3 apps – this is how you cook perfect eggs

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boil eggs

At Easter, a lot of eggs are collected again, an average of about 32 (!) million eggs in the Netherlands. That’s an average of two per person. And whether you eat them for breakfast or just paint and hide them; Cooking eggs perfectly is not always easy.

In 2024, we can no longer turn away from our smartphone or laptop to look up how long the eggs need to boil. NL News selected the three best egg cooking helper apps for you!

Our top 3:

1. Perfectly Boiled Egg Timer

Indicate the size of your egg, how hard you want to cook it and what temperature the egg is (from the refrigerator or not?). The app then provides the exact cooking time – for example 3 minutes and 32 seconds – and you can also immediately turn on your smartphone alarm.

– Free in the @ AppStore
– For cooking, but also poaching, fried eggs or in the microwave (yup, apparently that’s possible 😉 );
– Set your alarm immediately.

2. The perfect egg timer

Works much the same as the professional kitchen timer, so you choose the size, temperature and desired hardness of the egg. But this app only talks about cooking. A little extra; measure the size of your egg by holding it in front of your screen and “drawing it out”.

– ‘Measuring’ your egg;
– ‘egg spy’ function; Okay, it’s actually of no use to you, but Egg Spy shows you what the egg currently looks like from the inside, so it’s kind of like an on-board camera.

– Not for free; 99 cents @ AppStore;
– Only cooking, so no poaching, fried eggs, etc.

3. Cook eggs perfectly

The simplest of the three. What should your egg be like on the inside, how big is your egg, what temperature is your egg, and voilà, there is your cooking time. No further fuss.

– Easy.

– Not for free; €1.09 @ AppStore;
– Lacks the extras of the other apps.

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