Tonight Zoetermeer assault in Team West

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The Hague / Zoetermeer – Tonight Team West will focus on the assault on Kadelaan on May 22 in Zoetermeer. We are also looking for a racing cyclist who showed his genitals to 2 girls in Zoetermeer. We also show images of a suspect in two explosions and of a suspect who robbed a supermarket twice.

Sexual assault – Kadelaan – Zoetermeer

On Monday evening, May 22, around 10:10 p.m., a 22-year-old woman was assaulted at an apartment on Kadelaan in Zoetermeer. The victim had previously been on several trams. The victim traveled with tram line 4 from the Oosterheem stop to the Seghwaert stop. At the Seghwaert stop, the complainant changed to tram line 3 to go to the Leyens stop. Investigation revealed that the later suspect had been on the same tram as the victim since the Overheem stop. When getting off at the Leyens stop, the suspect followed the victim. At the entrance of an apartment on Kadelaan in Zoetermeer, the suspect assaulted the victim by grabbing her buttocks. After the victim started screaming loudly, the suspect ran away. Camera images of the suspect are shown in the broadcast.

Morals racing cyclist – Tintlaan – Zoetermeer

On Monday evening, August 28, around 6:30 PM, two girls are playing in the area of ​​Tintlaan and Derde Stationsstraat in Zoetermeer. At one point a racing cyclist stops near the two girls. The racing cyclist then shows his genitals to the two girls and rides away again. After the racing cyclist has made a tour through the neighborhood, he approaches the girls again and shows his genitals again. The racing cyclist then rode away again. In the broadcast we show camera images of this racing cyclist.

Explosions – Hobbemaplein – The Hague

On Saturday morning, December 16, 2023, around 4:30 am, two explosions took place at Hobbemaplein and Hobbemastraat in The Hague. The explosions take place shortly after each other. A shadow can be seen in the images of Hobbemaplein. The images from Hobbemastraat show the suspect waiting for the explosion at Hobbemaplein and then lighting the explosive in Hobbemastraat. Presumably this was a mistake in both cases and the explosions were intended for another entrepreneur. Camera images are shown in the broadcast.

Robberies – Oudemansstraat – The Hague

A supermarket on Oudemansstraat was robbed twice by the same robber at the end of last year. The two robberies took place on Wednesday, November 8 and on Friday, December 29, 2023. On Wednesday, November 8, the robber used a firearm, grabbed money from the cash register and left on foot. On Friday, December 29, the same robber used a large kitchen knife and fled on a silver/gray scooter after another grab from the cash register. Camera images of the robber are shown in the broadcast.

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Team West: every Tuesday at 5 p.m. on TV West. The broadcast is repeated every hour. On Wednesday, September 8, Team West will be repeated several more times.

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