Tips for furnishing your meeting room

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Have you been instructed by your manager to furnish the meeting room at the office or have you just started a company and would you like to ensure that your employees have the opportunity to properly consult with each other and/or receive customers? Then it is of course important that there is a nice meeting room. Ideally, you want to ensure that this meeting room gives people a pleasant feeling, since it also partly forms a business card for your company. Below are tips for setting up your meeting room.

Customer and staff needs

In a meeting room you can sometimes have to be present for a longer period of time. Perhaps you have several meetings in a row or you have planned a brainstorming session with your team for a day. That is also the reason why it is very important that there is a large, sturdy table in the meeting room and comfortable chairs, so that you can also sit comfortably if you have to be there for a longer period of time. For example, look for conference chairs


Light in a meeting room is of great importance. Nobody gets inspiration and energy from a dark meeting room with little natural light. If there is no possibility to create natural light through windows, make sure that there is enough lighting in the room. And don’t think of TL beams, but of lighting that feels more homely and gives the people present in the meeting room a nice feeling.

Informal yes/no?

Do you have a creative marketing agency? Then you probably also want to radiate that in your meeting room. Then choose a cool color on the wall or something that shows that you are actually a creative marketing agency and that you stand for it. Do you have an office with a formal function, such as a law firm or financial consultancy? Then it is advisable to keep the furniture sleek and tidy, especially with not too much fuss in the room.


What kind of amenities do you need? Are there many presentations? Then it is very useful to have a beamer or large TV and a projector connected. Are there many brainstorming sessions? Then make sure that there is at least one flipchart with markers available. will it be a long meeting day? Then make sure everyone has a notepad with a pen from your company, a jug of water and a small snack to get the day off to a good start.

Name and atmosphere

How nice is it if you have a creative team to let your employees think about the design and atmosphere of the meeting room and to give them an active say in this? This indicates that you have confidence in them and want them to feel nice and motivated in the meeting room. Finally, if the meeting room is completely furnished to your liking, you can hold a poll among employees to come up with a nice name for the door of the meeting room.

As a company, you naturally want your employees to work productively and efficiently. You also want to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment for them.…

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