TikTok tips: Get smarter thanks to TikTok: 3 tips

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TikTok has been in the news a lot in recent weeks. It’s addictive, China is said to be spying, and the Americans want a ban. Whatever you think of it, you will find a lot of fun, but also useful content on TikTok. Did you know that there are also many accounts where you can learn tech hacks? NL News Ellen shares three TikTok tips that will help you.

1. Learn Excel on TikTok

My first encounter with smart hacks on TikTok was an account that shares helpful tips for Google spreadsheets and Excel: @cheatsheets. I’m a very simple excel user and saw helpful tips I didn’t know I needed! What a relief compared to the often long videos on YouTube that are much too long-winded. The unfortunate thing is that it is difficult to look back for tips that you have seen before, so you mainly have to rely on the tips that happen to come your way. Still, I found some useful accounts.

A few accounts you can turn to for Excel tips are @excel.friend, @easy_sheets and @the.excel.team. If you use Google Spreadsheets yourself, you can go here: @sheetsensei, @paddycheetah (nice sounds!) and @libbybonthelabel. I close with a shoutout to @youareloved_movement, she is more focused on using spreadsheets to organize your life (and not just your work), for example with her well-known habit tracker.


How to translate different languages ​​#googlesheets #howto #excel

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

2. #studymotivation

Are you stuck in your work or studying? With the hashtag #studymotivation, a world of great content opens up for you. Users share videos with tips on how to concentrate better, to motivate yourself to get started or to share inspiration for short, effective breaks.

One of the popular TikTok tips that often comes back is to light a candle and force yourself to study until the candle is extinguished. Another conclusion I draw is that good food or drinks and a nicely decorated desk should help…

3. #techtok

The Tag #techtok is a bit broader than the Excel genre or the motivation tag, but a very nice one to follow. You’ll find everything from smartphone photography tips to users sharing problems with their code to solve with followers. And although the tag is very broad, I prefer to use it as a discovery tool rather than as a tag where you want to see everything. After a while you will notice that as you select or interact with more videos, the smart algorithm of the app shows you better videos (for you).

Did you know that we are also active on TikTok?

Anke from NL News.nl shares the most useful, funniest and funniest videos on TikTok.

More TikTok tips?

What TikTok tips do you have for us? We see a lot on TikTok, but not everything, luckily! Share your tip in the comments or let us know via the socials.

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