TikTok sensation Ninja Creami gets a new version!

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2023 was Ninja’s TikTok year. And very specifically for the Ninja Creami ice cream maker. TikTokkers went viral by making sorbets, creamy gelato, frozen yogurts and more using all kinds of special ingredients. Parent company SharkNinja is certainly not stupid, and is now responding to this with the sequel to this TikTok sensation. In fact: a total of 13 (!) new products are coming from Ninja…

ninja creami deluxe

SharkNinja showed its 2024 products today during an event in radiant Mallorca. We can expect no fewer than twenty new products soon. The company ‘goes all out’ since they saw their turnover increase by 80% in quarter three of 2023 and expresses great ambitions for the coming years.

Tom Brown, President EMEA at SharkNinja: “Europe is one of the most thriving markets in the world. We’ve already seen strong demand and growth, but we’re just getting started. The new products and categories we are launching today will fuel our growth as we continue to invest in and build our EMEA business into 2024 and beyond.”

Nice, but… what does that mean in concrete terms?

In 2024 you can expect twenty new products from the company in the areas of Cleaning, Beauty, Kitchen and Outdoor. The devices are not only handy, but often also have a ‘fun factor’. Just a little different than the competitors. The Shark FlexBreeze Fan, for example, is a category that focuses on outdoor cooling. (we hope to see with our own eyes what we should expect from this). In addition, the company is launching Double Stack Air Fryers, which allow you to prepare twice as much food in one go. (This calls for a sequel to Anke’s Airfryer Adventures!)

All products at a glance

Brace yourself: this is what you can expect from SharkNinja this year:

  • Shark Matrix Robot, a cleaning device that combines suction and sonic mopping;
  • Shark StainStriker Pet Stain & Spot Cleaner, a lightweight that removes stains and odors
    removes with 20x more stain impact power;
  • Shark HydroVac, a three-in-one hard floor cleaner that vacuums, mops and
    cleanses itself;
  • Shark Steam & Scrub mop with Steam Blaster technology.
  • Shark Beauty Shark SmoothStyle. This hair tool is designed to shape and smooth hair using heated comb technology.

And how about:

  • Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker, an advanced grill and outdoor smoker;
  • Ninja PROCHEF Connected Thermometer, with app
  • Ninja CREAMi DELUXE Ice Cream & Frozen Drink Maker
  • Ninja Ceramic Cookware range, which should provide long-lasting non-stick performance;
  • Ninja Detect Duo Power Blender Pro, the smartest blender yet in Europe (?);
  • Ninja Combi Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer, to expand its
    quick cooking range.

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