Three shootings and a fire bomb: Purmerend residents concerned

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The house was damaged

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In Middenbeemster (municipality of Purmerend) a fire bomb was thrown against the front door of a house last night. There have been three shootings in the area in recent days. Residents are worried about the series of possible attacks.

The explosion caused a fire. The front door of the house was badly damaged. Several houses in the area were evacuated for some time due to the risk of explosion.

A local resident tells NH Nieuws that she kept her daughter home from school because she was shocked by the explosion last night. According to the broadcaster, people do not understand what is going on in their neighborhood, which would normally be quiet.

“I’ve been living here since 1995 and have never experienced this. This is a nice neighborhood, this is my neighborhood, but now I’m scared,” says a local resident to the broadcaster. “When I go to bed tonight, I close everything extra tight. I don’t expect it to happen again and I hope I never have to experience this again.”

Neighborhood survey

In the city of Purmerend, homes were shot at yesterday and Wednesday and in Middenbeemster on Tuesday there was a shooting 200 meters away from last night’s explosion. Police are investigating a link between the incidents.

Police have launched a neighborhood investigation. In a letter to local residents that is in the hands of NH News, the police are calling on people to report if they have seen something, or if they have images from a doorbell camera, for example.

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