Three Australian ‘fishermen’ rescued at sea suspected of drug smuggling

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The three men were rescued about 17 kilometers from the coast in early February
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In Australia, the police are looking for three men who were rescued at sea in early February. The three Australians were found about 10 miles off the coast of Western Australia clinging to a floating cooler.

The discovery of a package of cocaine six days later on a beach in the same area aroused suspicion among the authorities. The next day, a capsized speedboat was found with eight packages of about 40 kilos of cocaine each on board.

According to the federal police in Australia, the three rescued men are involved in the drug transport. The police are calling on them to report. It concerns two men aged 49 and 45 from Western Australia and a 36-year-old man from the Northern Territory.


After their rescue, the men were praised for their endurance and for wearing a life jacket. Earlier, the police reported that the men were fishing at sea. But because their accounts of what happened next didn’t match, police in Western Australia notified the federal police.

A police investigation subsequently revealed that one of the men is the owner of the found boat full of drugs. According to the federal police, the drug packages were picked up from the water and loaded into the speedboat. It is not yet clear what the destination of the drugs was.

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