Three arrested after armed robbery of store

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Roosendaal – Four men committed an armed robbery of a shop on Rucphensebaan on Wednesday afternoon, November 15. The perpetrators then fled in a car, after which three men were arrested in Etten-Leur. The police fired warning shots.

The police received a report of a robbery around 4 p.m. The perpetrators fled in a car towards the A58. Various police units and the police helicopter searched for the perpetrators. Ultimately, the car was pulled over near Vioolstraat in Etten-Leur. Three men were arrested. A fourth man managed to escape. The police then distributed a Burgernet message with a description of the man.

Warning shots

No one was injured during the robbery. During the arrest, the police fired several warning shots into the air, after which the arrests followed. A firearm was seized from the car. The police suspect that it was used in the robbery. The car was also seized for further investigation and collected by a salvage company.


The three were taken to a police cell complex for further investigation and interrogation. This concerns a 28-year-old man from Rotterdam, a 27-year-old man from Schiedam and a 14-year-old boy from Schiedam. The police suspect who the fourth suspect is. The man can report himself to a police station.

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