Thousands of fiber optic cables destroyed in Kerkrade, police are looking for witnesses

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Kerkrade – The police are looking for witnesses to the destruction of fiber optic cables in Eygelshoven. A dozen main cables were cut, destroying thousands of smaller fiber optic cables. Cover plates of the wells where these cables were located were also stolen.

The destruction took place between Tuesday, January 9, 5:00 PM and Wednesday morning, 8:00 AM. We are looking for people who know more about this destruction or have seen or heard something. We are also looking for camera images from the immediate area.

  • Location 1: Veldhofstraat, right next to the dog walking area at the Veldhofparkje
  • Location 2: Vinkerstraat, on the slope towards Tripsstraat near the bushes.

Do you have information or images? Then share it with us. You can do this via 0900-8844 or via the tip form on our website. If you contact us, please report the case number 2024005022. View the wanted file here.

Multiple cables

The cables that were destroyed were in so-called fiber optic distribution units. In these wells in the ground, the cables from the neighborhood and surrounding area come together and are combined into larger cables. These cables contain hundreds of smaller fiber optic cables and are connected to the fiber optic network. By cutting ten main cables, 3,000 smaller fiber optic cables were damaged. Dozens of households have been affected by this.

Vital infrastructure

Access to the internet, just like access to electricity and drinking water, is a vital infrastructure. Failure, disruption or manipulation of these processes and services can have major consequences. More and more people are using telephone, television and/or internet via fiber optic. Outages or disruptions are not only annoying, but can also cause unsafe situations. For example, when calls cannot be made, alarm systems cannot transmit messages or medical devices fail.

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