This Week Viral: measuring is knowing and unclear viral

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This Week Viral: measuring is knowing and unclear viral

This week we’ve seen a lot of great things go viral. The highlight are the traffic guards in Belgium. In this edition of Deze Week Viral, see what kept us busy on social media last week.

To measure is to pay

In Belgium there are a few rules when it comes to parking. You are not allowed to park within 5 meters of a zebra crossing, within 20 meters of a traffic light or at an intersection without traffic signs. And yes, that means that parking management has to use the yardstick every now and then…

Show choir Upbeat is a viral sensation

We will stay in Belgium for a while, because that is where the Leuven show choir Upbeat went viral. They don’t seem to fully understand why, but their production is now going viral in the Netherlands, Germany and various Scandinavian countries. It’s a very touching version of High Hopes.

Thijmen puts the elderly in the spotlight

21-year-old Thijmen Schoorl works in a residential care center and his piano playing is appreciated there. He records songs with the elderly and puts them on TikTok: very touching. And good to see some elderly people on the social video platform.

@thijmen.schoorl Music is a beautiful thing, especially for the elderly (with dementia). #nursinghome #concern #dementia #fyp #music #piano ♬ original sound – Thijmen Schoorl

The inverted half-naked woman

Something so hilarious has been going viral over the past few weeks that it’s constantly being forwarded among many a group of friends who enjoy a drink. The bare breasts of a woman trying to enter the house through the window, and especially her friend’s reaction to it, are hilarious. Is it even more fun with Ozzy Man’s commentary? In any case, you must have seen this video: with or without sound.

PETA wants horses from Efteling: rocking horses

PETA does a lot of good things for animals, but every year it comes up with some crazy action that everyone wonders why. This year it is wanting to ban rocking horses in carousels. The animals must disappear from the merry-go-round because it gives a bad idea of ​​how we should treat animals. People talk about it shamefully, but they also deal with it with a lot of humor. Think of people who supposedly have to throw out their garden hose or easel for PETA.

The Flugel Roll

We are still processing the crompouce, but there is something that is even more intense than a croissant topped with tompouce: the Flugel roll. It is the well-known “red vodka-Red Bull drink in a pastry form, now at Bakker Bart Eibergen. Quite a nice color!

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