This way you can save money on your internet connection

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The Consumers’ Association wrote it today: consumers are tired of everything becoming more and more expensive. Fortunately, there are options, because you can often save a lot of money by making smart choices. This week we dive into the world of saving on your internet connection.

Take a good look at what you need

In many ways, saving on the internet connection is often the same as saving on the telephone bill. About this tip, look carefully at what you need, it can even be said that it applies to everything you want to save on. You don’t need a giant Range Rover if you’re looking for a shopping cart for your single household. The same applies to the internet. If you live alone, chances are that the cheapest internet subscription will suffice. But even if you have an entire family, you may wonder to what extent the best of the best internet is really necessary. If you have an avid gamer at home who wants cloud gaming, then it’s a different story (or a YouTuber who has to upload a lot of large video files), but in most home garden and kitchen situations a cheaper connection will suffice. In line with this, fiber optic may not be necessary at all, however new and hip it may be.

Choose the same provider

Although this kite certainly does not always work, it is often advisable to see what your current provider can do for you. If you also purchase a home telephone, mobile telephone and television subscription from the same provider, you can often count on a discount. The same goes for your roommates. And even if you’re still a bit dubious about your provider’s offer, give them a call and let them know you’re thinking of going to provider Y if X can’t offer anything better. You will be surprised at how much it sometimes turns out to be possible.

Compare providers, but don’t be tempted

In any case, it is also smart to look up online comparison sites and see which provider suits you best in terms of wishes and price. That way you immediately have a good idea of ​​​​what the options are and you can make a good decision about which provider will make your wallet a little less unhappy. And while you’re shopping, don’t be tempted. Make sure you let go of that idea of ​​’oh the first three months 50 percent off’. You often enter into these types of subscriptions for a much longer period of time, so that discount quickly disappears like snow in the sun. It’s nice that it’s there, but it should never determine your choice.

Save on your mobile internet subscription

Do you have an expensive data plan on your smartphone? Do you really use it? In many cases you can save money on the internet, especially on your mobile phone. There is WiFi on the train, WiFi at home and WiFi at the office: if you are still very shy about WiFi on the way, you can even pop into a Starbucks or McDonalds. If you really always have to be online with your mobile phone, a data subscription can certainly be essential, but if you make smart use of WiFi, your subscription can be considerably cheaper, because you have to purchase fewer MBs. By the way, if you have a phone from work, you could also use it as a hotspot for your own phone, if you still want to be online on the go.

Save more money

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